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Cro.M.A. is engaged in exploring the potentiality of new media and interactive storytelling based on the web. We believe that web documentary is a perfect tool to explore stories and to question online users their way of thinking by involving them in an immersive web experience. We use new media to engage and involve online communities on social issues of current relevance and we believe the web doc is a tool to stimulate participation involving the user actively in the storytelling process by creating his own storyline. For us the interactive web documentary is an innovative experience to promote social change and awareness raising on a large scale.

4Stelle Hotel

4Stelle Hotel is an interactive web doc and a broadcast documentary film produced by Cro.M.A. in collaboration with Aamod financed through the Youth in Action Programme in 2013. In December 2012, activists from the well-known Blocchi Precari Metropolitani housing right movement and 200 migrant families occupied an abandoned luxury hotel on Rome’s outskirts with the common goal of creating conditions to ensure a more dignified life for people without homes. 4Stelle Hotel presents a unique social experiment, showing the colourful daily life of a place where more than 500 people of 20 different nationalities and various religions make their own rules for coexistence. The web documentary has been developed through the European workshop for social documentaries EsoDoc, has participated in some important festivals in Europe, such as I_doc del Vision du Reel in Nyon, Cross Video Days in Paris, Dok Leipzig , Krakow Film Festival , One World Prague, PriMed in Marseille; has been selected for Open Documentary Lab of MIT, Massachusset Institute of Technology, and IDFA DocLab Database and has been broadcasted on AlJazeera Balkans. The web documentary won the DIG Award (previously the Ilaria Alpi Award) in the Crossmedia Reporting category in 2015.

Chasing The Stars

Chasing the Stars is a web documentary currently in production that intends to tell the stories of refugees who want to brave the journey towards the Old Continent. They find insurmountable obstacles at the new borders of Fortress Europe but, despite this, they find the resources to resist the inhuman policies imposed upon them. The migrants are often represented as numbers, as victims or as threats. For us, they are simply people who have understood how to react to the violence, to the physical and legal obstacles, and to the indifference of States, with extraordinary dignity and immense willpower. Cro.M.A. wants to tell the story of the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War, by meeting people, by shedding light on what the media fails to talk about and what remains in the shadows. The daily life of people, stranded for months in a place they do not want to be and their experience of resilience that restores the dignity that Europe has snatched away from them. We have all looked up at a starry sky. To that sky we have entrusted hopes, choices and dreams. Chasing the stars for millions of people means choosing to live, for others it means believing in change, while for others still it is an act of freedom. We believe that each one of these stories is important and deserves to be told. The first episode is already in production, while the episodes set in Greece and Germany will be made in 2017. Cro.M.A., in collaboration with Young Researchers of Serbia, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo  that will be active until January 2017.

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