Participatory Video

Participatory Video is method of audiovisual self-representation in which a group or a community creates their own film. Today making a video is easy and accessible and it is a great way of bringing people together to tell stories. The process of filming can be very empowering, enabling a group or community to take their own action to solve their own problems, and also to communicate their needs and ideas to decision-makers and/or other groups and communities. We believe that Participatory Video can be a highly effective tool to engage and mobilise marginalised people and to help them to implement their own forms of sustainable development based on local needs.

Tor Bella Vita

Tor Bella Vita is a project of  local empowerment through the making of participatory videos, created in Tor Bella Monaca, a suburban neighbourhood in Rome. The project was financed by the European Union’s Youth in Action Programme in 2013. The project, which began in 2014, has been organised through training workshops on audiovisual language aimed at the neighbourhood’s residents and through tutoring and support with the production of 3 final videos. The project has been presented at numerous public events and became the promoter of the first edition of Tor Bella Monaca Short Film Festival, which took place in 2015.

CEIT, il futuro alle spalle

CEIT, il futuro alle spalle is a participatory documentary that recounts the struggle against redundancy through the perspective and experience of a group of employees at CEIT, a Rome-based telecommunications agency. CEIT, il futuro alle spalle is the result of an audiovisual training workshop that lasted four months, during which one of the employees began to document their daily life and the lives of their colleagues.

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